Country U.S.S.R.
Year 1980
Tip Shape Pinched Tip
Glass Color Clear Glass
Plate Size 14mm
Plate Color Gray Shiny Nichel

The 6N2P, (Russian: 6Н2П) also sometimes spelled in English "6H2Pi" is a miniature 9-pin dual triode vacuum tube manufactured in USSR, Russia and China with characteristics similar to the RCA 12AX7. The most significant difference between the two is that 6N2P has its two filament elements connected in parallel, unlike the series filament connection of the 12AX7, and it is thus only possible to operate it from a 6.3 volt, 300 mA filament supply (whereas a 12AX7 may be operated from either 6.3 or 12.6 volts.) The 6N2P also has slightly lower gain than a 12AX7. The 6N2P (6Н2П) is very similar to the ECC83 /12AX7 but it has a slightly different pinning.


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